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"Russ is an exceptional trainer who has played a pivotal role in my fitness as a Division I athlete.
What sets Russ apart is his ability to understand individual needs and tailor workouts accordingly. He doesn't just provide a generic fitness route, he designs a program that aligns with specific goals. This personalized approach has been super helpful in my progress.
The focus on form and technique helps with injury prevention. Thanks to the improvement in technique I was able to increase my strength and improve significantly in my sport!
I would definitely recommend Russ to anyone looking to improve their fitness at any level!"


Grace M

"I started working out with Russ in the Spring of 2005.  I considered myself in fairly good shape for a 51 year old woman, so I was a bit doubtful that I could change my body in any significant way.  In the beginning, I approached weight training as a way to mainly 'slow down' the inevitable aging process. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd go from a snug size 8 to a comfortable size 4!  Also, never before could I imagine looking for an excuse to show off my arms in a sleeveless anything!  Now I can!  I feel stronger and stand taller than I ever have in my 52 years.  Thanks, Russ, for making a believer out of me!"


Charna N.

"Russ is a FANTASTIC trainer! His expertise, motivational skills, and positive, fun-loving attitude have kept me consistent with my workouts. I've had great physical results, but I think the real upshot is, for the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to the gym!"

Ali L.

"I'm 37 and over the years I had gained way too much weight for my frame. As I was trying to make my 'comeback' on my own I hurt myself as my body didn't respond to what I thought I should be doing like it did in my 20's. By the time I got to Russ I was physically not doing too well, such as a hurt lower back and coming off a dislocated shoulder, but also, mentally I was discouraged. Russ sat me down and we had a frank discussion about everything; my diet, habits, injuries and where I wanted to be. We then started slowly with a focus on building core strength and not exacerbating my injuries. Russ, along with being the best trainer I've ever worked with, is truly knowledgeable, motivating and best of all, consistent.

From seeing him 2 days a week to 5 days a week he's always positive and has limitless ideas of how to keep my workout fresh.  Even though I was an athlete, I don't think I ever 'really' trained properly before I met Russ.  I highly recommend him."

Paul G.

"Training with Russ has been one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I signed up thinking I would go through the motions for a few months and shed a few pounds, but it has turned into a long-term commitment that has become an integral part of my weekly schedule. I feel better about myself now more than ever. Russ just has a 'can-do' attitude that makes me want to work out hard and be healthier in general. I feel like he really cares about my well-being and has helped me increase the quality of my life exponentially."

Grace A.

"I’ve been training with Russ for about five months now, and I’ve seen tremendous results! As an actor, I have very specific goals in terms of getting leaner with good muscle tone, and Russ does a great job of tailoring our program to my goals.

Since starting with him, I’ve lost ten pounds of fat! What’s also really cool is that he mixes things up; I rarely have the same workout twice. That keeps it fun! And Russ really knows his stuff – he’s very precise about the movement of each exercise and what muscles I’m working. That level of specificity enables me to really focus, which leads to better results."

John Z.

Amanda W.

"I'm totally not embarrassed to say that I look SO GOOD now that I have been working out with Russ for six months. 🙂 My abs and arms are tighter and more defined than they've ever been. Even at 8am when I am half asleep, Russ is a joy to work out with. He is a really fun guy and definitely knows what he is doing!"

“If I had a family member that was training I would want Russ to be their trainer. Over the period of time that Russ worked for me, he exhibited all of the characteristics of an incredible trainer. His clients ask about him years after he moved from Chicago. He is passionate about helping people and his experience and knowledge base speaks for itself. He was able to connect to 60 year old CEO's and 30 year old soccer Moms trying to lose weight. He has all the tools to help just about any client achieve their fitness goals. My only complaint about Russ was that he left my team!"

Freddie Wolner

“Russ is an excellent personal trainer. He works you hard, but one gets the results you want. He tailors the workout to your needs and desires. I am stronger, slimmer and happier working with Russ. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is very professional and reliable. Russ also has a great sense of humor, which makes the workout fun and quick.”

Carole Faxon

“Russ is a responsible and highly inspirational trainer. He knows a seemingly endless variety of exercises and his workouts are very challenging yet fun. He gets results. I recommend him highly.”

Dan  Weintraub

“I had the privilege of finding Russ as a trainer. Russ actually makes working out enjoyable. Consequently, you work harder than you think you are and achieve the results to show for it. He works hard for and believes in his clients. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Suzanne Boue

Russ Suchala has been my personal trainer for many years as well as my husband's. His professional excellence and person of quality provides tremendous support in contributing to my overall physical and emotional well-being.  Russ has helped me through a significant medical surgery and minor injuries working closely if needed with medical professionals and physical therapists.  As a professional in the field of mental health, I have admired Russ's understanding and implementation of the importance of exercise and the positive impact on mental health in treating the whole of a person. Russ motivates, he is a cheerleader and adds humor(?) into the mix.  He is a stickler for focusing on each exercise to do it correctly for full benefits and no injury.  For me Russ has been and is a valued person in my life who has earned my tremendous respect.

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Here's the thing about exercise. I'm not a gym guy, I don't like doing countless reps and I don't want someone yelling "give me 5 MORE!" I've always gotten exercise by playing a game of some sort, tennis, for example. I play tennis 3 or 4 times a week and I try to eat right, but I was getting to … Read more on Yelp

Joe C.

Russ is an amazing trainer and a great guy. He has the magic ability to give you a really great and challenging workout that somehow doesn't leave you in pain, but fatigued enough to know you really pushed your limits.

Unlike other trainers I've worked with, he seriously pays close attention to y… Read more on Yelp

Jeremy R.

Russ rocks! We worked together for about a year and a half before I moved, and I was in the best shape and felt great. He is super knowledgable and creates a custom workout for you to get the best results. He even created a plan so I could come into the gym by myself and feel confident and get a go… Read more on Yelp

J S.

So I met Russ when I purchased three training sessions in a silent auction at a golf tournament - 10 minutes into the first session I was hooked.
He has all of the characteristics you would hope a trainer would have. His knowledge of the body is amazing. He understands nutrition unbelievably w… Read more on Yelp

Mike G.

Russ has been awesome for the 4-5 months he's been my online strength coach. He saw me struggling in the gym and came over one day and we started talking about lifting. I explained to him that I am mainly into boxing but that I needed to become stronger to really hold my own while sparring. The nex… Read more on Yelp

Vincent F.

I've been working out with Russ for over two years and the results are amazing. I am stronger and in better shape than at any time in my life. Russ really knows his stuff. Form is everything if you're going to get the most out of each exercise, and he makes sureyou're always in the correct posit…
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Vicky C.

Best trainer in LA. Been working out with Russ for over 5 years, and thanks to him I am a beast!

Oren A.

I cannot recommend Russ more! I have been working out with him for close to 18 months now and I am stronger and toned in parts I never knew I could tone!! I very much appreciate that he always works within my range, especially in the beginning as I was coming out of health issues. Workouts are grea… Read more on Yelp

Nathalie D.

Russ is an amazing trainer. He's consistent, knowledgeable and cares about MY results. We have been training on and off since 2007 and I can't say enough great things about this incredibly kind person who has also become a friend of mine. His integrity and work ethics are in perfect sync with his p… Read more on Yelp

Luis R

Working out with Russ is so fantastic! I got started with no experience or education in working out, I felt so lucky that I could have him as my personal trainer at the beginning. He is very experienced and considerate, he knows exactly what I want my body to be, and he tailors exercises for me eve… Read more on Yelp

Wenqi Y.

I have been training with Russ for over three years. He's helped me to lose weight and become much more fit. He is a truly professional trainer and watches carefully to make sure I'm doing the exercises correctly to avoid injury. He gives me a tough workout and has helped me to achieve things I'… Read more on Yelp

Deborah M.

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